Brett Eldredge Performed "Best Man Speech" at His Brother's Wedding

BRETT ELDREDGE was the best man at his older brother Brice's wedding recently.And instead of just delivering a best man speech, he sang it. He actually wrote a special song for the occasion.

He posted the performance online and wrote about how the whole thing started.He had been putting off writing the best man speech, and then all of a sudden it came to him in a song at 3:00 A.M. Quote, "I wrote it in bed that night.

"My brother's a great man and is my first call when life comes at me sideways.[I] didn't write it for an album or project, and although it's almost impossible to sing through the tears, hopefully you'll hear my heart for my brother, my best friend."

It's called "Best Man Speech" and it's not a stretch to think it could end up being used by other best men.As long as they know how to sing.

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