Fur Baby Friday - The (thought we were going to lose you) Holiday Edition

That big guy in that picture is my Sully. My Sullivan. Melvin (ask me sometime how he got that name). He's a bulloxer... a breed that never should have happened. He's a bulldog/boxer mix. He's a rescue dog. He was left outside a home to die. He's a hot mess, with food allergies and seasonal allergies, ear infections. He's been with us almost 3 years. He's older than 7 - being a rescue, we had no idea but the estimate was about that. X-Rays show him as much older than that.

He's the dog I SWORE I'd never get after our purebred bulldog, Rocky, died after being with us at 12 weeks old until he was 11 years old. He's a sweetest, most gentle, laid-back dog in the world. And I thought we were going to lose him before Christmas (SPOILER - we didn't).

It started about 2 weeks when he yelped in pain trying to stand. Yelped is putting it mildly... he SCREAMED. X-rays revealed major deterioration in his hips and knees. 3 fused together vertebra. Bloodwork showed an infection somewhere. I seriously thought Sully wouldn't be with us much longer. And my heart was broken.

He was put on a battery of meds. Improvement came slowly, but it came. Now, you'd never know he was in such horrible shape.

I credit his AMAZING vet... a lot of prayers... and a Christmas miracle.

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