Fur Baby Friday

Alright Howlers... if you look back on my history of blogs, there are more featuring my dog than my daughters. But this has me a little concerned: A new survey asked parents who also have pets which one they prefer . . . their pet, or their kid. And 34% said they like their PET more. REALLY?!? Are we talking , like consistently more or just when the kids are acting up?

78% said their pet is like part of the family. I agree... to an extent. And 67% said their pet is their best friend (he does know a lot about me cause I know his jowls are sealed).

 Here are the five ten signs you're too obsessed with your pet . . .

1. They have their own social media account. If the pet is pretty cool, I think it's kinda fun. There are some pets I follow on Instagram. My dog has his own hashtag... does that count? #theadventuresofsullydog

(shameless plug)

2. You buy them a lot of clothes or accessories. My big guy fits in old t-shirts that belonged to my girls. He gets hand-me-downs.

3. You'd spend more on a special meal for them than you would for yourself. He's got skin allergies and needs grain free food, so yeah, I guess when he's eating his kibble and I grab a hard boiled egg as I'm running out the door, he wins that war!

4. They sleep in bed with you most nights. Nope nope nope! Too big. Too stinky. Too snorey (is that a word)?

5. You call them your "child" or your "baby."  Shoot... guilty.


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